"The Uncle Al Show"
     The Uncle Al Show was the longest running children's program in the history of commercial television. It ran from 1950 - 1985 on WCPO-TV channel 9 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Larry appeared on the show on two occasions from 1957 - 1960 and December 1961 - June 1964. In his first run, Larry was hired to work in the station's art department. His specific duties were to perform and create puppets for Al's show as well as appear in costume as "The Scarecrow" and "The Tin man". During this time Larry also had his own show from 8-9 A.M. called "Puppet Time".
      During the 1958-1959 season, Uncle Al ran on the ABC-TV network, appearing on 130 stations coast to coast from 11 A.M. to 12 noon Saturday mornings. At one point during that year Uncle Al's show was regularly beating The Captain Kangaroo Show in T.V. ratings. Uncle Al's stage sets over the years included an ocean set, a farm set, a magic city (whose castle later became Hattie's), and a space city. Larry left WCPO in 1960 to work with "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie" creator Burr Tillstrum. Burr was producing a broadway play using his Kukla and Ollie puppets and asked Larry to work with him. Larry returned to WCPO and The Uncle Al Show from 1961 to 1964, but his participation was limited due to his other shows. Larry recalls that it was during his stay with the Uncle Al Show that he learned to work with a live audience.
Uncle Al Show - 1957
Uncle Al Show - 1958
A group photo from 1959.
A group photo from 1958. Larry and Hattie are directly behind Al Lewis.
Uncle Al Show - 1960
WCPO advertisement for the Uncle Al Show
A newspaper advertisement from 1960 promoting "The Al Lewis Show"
A photo from 1960. Uncle Al is sitting at left. Larry is in the tin man costume.
Uncle Al & Larry - 1960
In this photo, Larry is showing Al Lewis a design for a new character while at WCPO.
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